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TransAudio Elite Demo Policies and Procedures

We give our policies to make things clear and guide our customers about how they can buy.

TransAudio Elite Demo Policies and Procedures


Customer must make a deposit for the full value of the item. If a credit card deposit is used, upon return of the item in perfect condition to TransAmerica Audio, a refund of the deposit less 2% is assessed. This 2% is the exact fee the credit card companies charge us for executing a charge (your deposit), then a credit (your refund), to your account. If you place a deposit via wire transfer, we wire the money back to you upon return of the unit in perfect condition less $40 to cover the wire fee our bank charges us to wire the money back to you.


Demo’s are limited to a total of 2 days in your hands, shipping back to us on the 2nd day in your possession. If you keep the unit longer, a daily rental fee will apply (Rental fees are credited against the sales price if the unit is purchased before the rental period is over). Rental fees are usually about 3% of the value of the unit per day ($4,000 mic is about $120 per day).


You pay shipping both ways in advance, both to you and back to us. The shipping is charged in addition to other charges. The return shipping back to us is credited against the sales price if you elect to purchase the unit within thee 2 day demo.


Microphones are shipped standard overnight only, all other items are shipped 3 day. You must return the unit to us double boxed exactly as it came to you, with the outer shipping carton and original unit carton and inner packing material with all accessories included. Failure to return all manuals, cables, boxes and parts will result in a charge against your deposit for the value of these items and the cost of returning the unit to “as new” condition.


Cosmetic damage to demo units will result in a 5% charge. All units are photographed before leaving TransAmerica and all normal pre-existing cosmetic flaws noted.